The Disclaimer

The stories and anecdotes in CONTENT UNRELATED might be based on fact; or they could be completely fabricated in the interest of humor, to make them more interesting, or to leave you, the reader, thinking to yourself, “What the hell did I just read?”

This Web site and its contents are the intellectual (if you can even call it that) property of its writer. Those interested in quoting or citing anything should expect the people around them to stop taking them seriously. The writer assumes no responsibility for one’s loss of friends or job, disownment, or jail time that may result from reading or quoting anything from CONTENT UNRELATED in public.

By reading CONTENT UNRELATED, the reader acknowledges that he or she (or he-she, for the trannies) is at least the physical age of 18 years, and the mental age of much, much younger. Upon clicking into this site, the reader also agrees that he or she has a fucking sense of humor.

Actually, the writer cares not of your age. The writer is not responsible if a 12-year-old reads this blog. It’s not the writer’s fault if the 12-year-old has shitty parents.

The writer of CONTENT UNRELATED recognizes the full potential – and makes gratuitous use – of obscene language, and hasn’t a clue what “politically correct” means. Sophomoric sexual humor should be expected, and most of the vocabulary used in CONTENT UNRELATED will be of the four-lettered variety.

Any similarities between people mentioned within the posts of this site to actual people, buried or not, are totally coincidental. But they probably aren’t. Maybe.

Companies and businesses mentioned in CONTENT UNRELATED, as well as their products and services, have no affiliation with this site. Any negative remarks about said companies or businesses and their respective products or services are purely in jest. Furthermore, views and opinions expressed about particular products or services mentioned in CONTENT UNRELATED are not meant to deter potential customers or clients from consuming the aforementioned products or services. If any person’s product or service choices are altered solely from opinions in CONTENT UNRELATED, then that person needs an immediate psychiatric evaluation.

By the simple act of reading the contents of CONTENT UNRELATED, you’ve agreed not to sue the writer. For anything.

The writer of CONTENT UNRELATED does not guarantee 100 percent satisfaction, and may sometimes leave the user disappointed, disgusted, or some synonym of either.

Readers do so at their own risk.

No refunds. Your money has already been spent.

Thanks for the burrito.

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