DO IT. Just. DO IT.

When I know the dogs have to shit but all they do is sniff around for 20 minutes.
When I’ve been to a table four times and the guest still hasn’t decided what to eat.
Driving behind someone who won’t move from the left lane of the highway even though they aren’t going the speed limit.
Calling someone immediately after they called me, wondering why they aren’t picking up even though my MISSED CALL log clearly states they had their phone in their fucking hands like 10 goddamned seconds ago.


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Seven posts this week, you guys! Did you keep up?

You did?

Go outside. Jesus.

Here’s what you should’ve been reading while you were taking a shit this week.

Previously on Content Unrelated:

With this being Sunday, I hope you’ve made room for more than the Ten Commandments you’re used to hearing about at each week’s end. Unless of course you’re a goddamned spaghetti monster-worshipping heathen.

I spent the last five days force-feeding you the first five of the Ten Commandments of Eating in a Restaurant. Learn them. Know them. The next five are coming this week.

Be Patient
Not Use Thy Cell Phone
Create Thy Own Entree
Use Thy Server’s Name
Not Close The Restaurant

Along with those posts, I sprinkled in some awesomeness with Pet Recycling – the latest trend in going green.

Finally, I made my way back to bytestories to embarrass myself good and hard again.

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