Want to guest-post on Content Unrelated?

Interested in working with me on a collaborative post?

Or, even more insane, having me as a guest on your blog?


If you’re sure it isn’t just the drugs talking, you can either reply to this post or shoot me an email, thejeffcomplex(at)gmail(dot)com.

If you want to see what I’m capable of when I come to your blog, or what to write about when you come here (and you don’t already know from reading my goddamn blog):


The Stupid Question with Andrew of The Artist Mindset
Server Problems: Happy Hour and Impatience with Andrew of The Artist Mindset

Guest posts featured on Content Unrelated!

Google, Go Home, You’re Drunk! by Daniel from Nest Expressed
Coming soon! Adam from Chowderhead

Guest posts written for other blogs!

Conversations with dogs on Chowderhead
Only slightly infuriating on Nest Expressed

More stuff to read!

Tell that to the tomato on Bytestories
“Watch This” on Bytestories
Six Feet in the Right Direction on Bytestories

9 thoughts on “Guest-Posting

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  5. You, sir, are a really funny man. We should collaborate on something or other. Not sure what. Probably should be something legal, though. Unless you know people who know people, if you know what I mean. You do? Good for you, at least one of us does. I fear I’ve said too much.

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