Previously on Content Unrelated (4/22/13 – 4/28/13)

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Miss something this week?

Did you miss it four times?

Four fucking times.

Now’s your chance to make up for neglecting me.

Otherwise, you suck and I hate you.

Previously on Content Unrelated:

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Previously on Content Unrelated (4/14/13 – 4/21/13)

But Jeff, you already included last Sunday in your previous Previously On…, Why are you so goddamn stupid?

Because I hate you.

If you haven’t been paying attention to me (and I have no idea why that is), then you missed on more comedy gold this week.


Fuck off.

Previously on Content Unrelated:

I kicked things off last Sunday night with a list of things you’re never warned about before you adopt a puppy. You should probably read that if you think you’re ready to venture forth into puppy ownership.

Thursday, I offered up my eulogy of the now-retired Dude Write. Goodnight, sweet prince.

Saturday, I drew (not really drew, I was a shitty art student) some parallels between working in the service industry, watching porn, and drug use.

And, of course, throughout the week I finished up the last set of five of the Ten Commandments of Eating in a Restaurant with:

Thou Shalt Take Responsibility for Thy Spawn
Thou Shalt Coordinate Thy Needs
Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Table
Thou Shalt Tip
Thou Shalt Not be a Dick


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Previously on Content Unrelated (4/8/13 – 4/14/13)

Seven posts this week, you guys! Did you keep up?

You did?

Go outside. Jesus.

Here’s what you should’ve been reading while you were taking a shit this week.

Previously on Content Unrelated:

With this being Sunday, I hope you’ve made room for more than the Ten Commandments you’re used to hearing about at each week’s end. Unless of course you’re a goddamned spaghetti monster-worshipping heathen.

I spent the last five days force-feeding you the first five of the Ten Commandments of Eating in a Restaurant. Learn them. Know them. The next five are coming this week.

Be Patient
Not Use Thy Cell Phone
Create Thy Own Entree
Use Thy Server’s Name
Not Close The Restaurant

Along with those posts, I sprinkled in some awesomeness with Pet Recycling – the latest trend in going green.

Finally, I made my way back to bytestories to embarrass myself good and hard again.

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Previously on Content Unrelated (3/25/13 – 3/31/13)

Another week went down faster than an Asian hooker if you held a fifty dollar bill in front of your junk.

Not that I’d have a frame of reference even remotely similar.

Here’s what you missed!

Previously on Content Unrelated:

Our hero talked about the impact his digital footprint is having on his job search! Then we dug deep for the stupid and added a few more entries to the Content Unrelated Dictionary. And finally, I tried to explain myself to potential employers who might be e-stalking my shit right now.

And during some extracurricular activities, the fine folks at Dude Write and Bytestories gave me a Chairman’s Choice Award for my entry to their Tell-a-Tale contest. Check it out on Bytestories, and look for it in their eBook, dropping September of this year!

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Previously on Content Unrelated: (3/18/13 – (3/24/13)

Another week down.

Really starting to hit my stride with the new blog, I think.

Previously on Content Unrelated:

Monday started off on the right foot, naturally bitching about work a la some haiku action. Told a couple of embarrassing stories; first one involving the Sex Machine, and then a short story I submitted to the Dude Gods over at DudeWrite about how I put my foot so far in my mouth, I shit it out the next day.

And I topped the week off, once again, bitching about work.

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