Tapey III: Apocalyptic Parasite

“That’s the end of you,” I’d said
After slicing off his head
Leaving his body to rot
Tired from the battle fought

Witnessing that epic fight
Tapey’s flesh-craved appetite
A stranger stole his remains
Resurrected him again

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under the night sky
a soft, white light
caresses my face

for this moment
I feel serenity
a mental escape

nothing troubles me
during this release
evaporated stress

but I wonder
if you are enjoying
that same soft, white light

if the monitor’s glow
brings you solace
and you’re watching the same porn as I.


body rejects
the night before
brain attempts
to make a break

tongue stuck
like days walked
in the Sahara
thirst is king

insides upside down
alcoholic food baby
the Porcelain Gods
are laughing

coordination calls in sick
world spinning
literally, figuratively
eyes argue with the Sun

Sharpie overload (BTIGH2).

Marker permanence
Intoxication determinant

Colors delicious
Noises suspicious

Words are visual
Views unusual

Spinning room
Impending doom

Senses overloading
Brain imploding

Cerebral puddle
Interdimensional huddle

Future myself
Past myself

Timeline collaborations
Subtle deviations

Different choices
Same voices

And we all think we’re real.

Hemorrhoids on steroids.

On steroids
A hemorrhoid

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