Guest Post: Andrew Doodoo.

I know I’ve been absent from all your lives for far too long. But I have an excuse.

I got a second job! I know! A brand new thing to hate! Yay, me!

In the meantime, I’ve been up to no good over at my new side-blog, “Goddammit, Jeff.” It’s like this one but, you know, worse.

And over on this side of things, my good buddy Andrew Stillman, The Artist Mindset creator and writer extraordinaire, is stopping by Content Unrelated to talk shit with you guys.


I’ve linked to posts of his before, so if you haven’t clicked them yet, you’re really doing yourselves a disservice.

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Guest Post: Google, Go Home, You’re Drunk!

And now, a man who needs no introduction.

Because I introduced you guys to him last week.


Ladies and gentlemen, from the future to your living rooms (or your mom’s basement) — Daniel Nest.

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Spreading my wordseed IV: Nest Expressed

I love you guys. I really do.

The fact that you even read my stuff to begin with just blows my mind. But when you ask me over to play on your turf, it really just makes my day.

The latest blog I’ve tainted is Daniel’s Nest Expressed. Daniel lives in the future, so he knew before any of us how this was going to go.

And he still let me do it.

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Spreading my wordseed III: Chowderhead.

My pants are tight with joy, you guys. Adam over at Chowderhead so very kindly offered me a guest-posting spot on his blog. When he mentioned it, I first made sure he wasn’t on something, and then I squealed like a pre-teen at a Justin Bieber concert.

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