An unexpected eyeful.

I love music.

I know. What a stupid thing to say. It’s not like some sort of brilliant revelation or life-changing realization or anything.

Everyone loves music.

Even deaf people like music.

I assume.

That said, when I listen to music, I make sure I use programs that are going to make my music-listening as fantastic an experience as possible.

On my Android device, I’ve gone back and forth between a few different apps, but I’ve always returned to Shuttle+. It’s simple to use, it’s customizable, and after a few tweaks to the equalizer, the music sounds great.

Another really neat feature is that, if you’re missing album covers, the app will automatically download them for you. More than that, Shuttle+ will also download artist cover photos that aren’t necessarily part of any of the albums. As an example:

Screenshot_2015-09-25-21-03-10A handsome Ben Folds to grace the top half of the screen, instead of boring-ass white space. White, unused, blank spaces are ugly and stupid. In fact, the only blank space I enjoy?

T-Swizzle and her Blank Space, staring into my soul.


You get the idea.

So I’m scrolling through my playlists, looking for whatever, while admiring some of the artist cover photos when suddenly Nick Jonas and (maybe?) his giant man-buldge.


I’d be a lying sack of shit if I said I wasn’t impressed.

Now, I’m not sure if this is actually Nick Jonas man-handling Nick Jonas’ meat-stick, or if this is just the first thing that came up in the Shuttle+ servers because instead of searching for his name, it just searched for The Hot Jonas Brother. I can’t be sure.

Either way.

You’re welcome, ladies.

2 thoughts on “An unexpected eyeful.

  1. If that is Nick Jonas, he should be proud of his in-shape body, but not his mostly-potatoes-package. Also, not everyone “loves” music. I think music is fine. Just fine. When you take the entirety of music, most of it is unbearable. I’d argue that even the best, most influential bands have more clunky garbage songs than good songs. The Beatles? Their first like 10 albums before they got to Revolver were unlistenable bad. There is a lot more audio detritus out there than there are island oasisisisis.

    • Funny, I was just reading today that the Beatles were one of those bands that weren’t great until they sold out. The article pointed out pretty much what you said about their early stuff.

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