Tapey III: Apocalyptic Parasite

“That’s the end of you,” I’d said
After slicing off his head
Leaving his body to rot
Tired from the battle fought

Witnessing that epic fight
Tapey’s flesh-craved appetite
A stranger stole his remains
Resurrected him again

Radiation, body parts
Soulless eyes and Satan’s heart
Rising slowly from the floor
Lightning striking Tapey’s core

Mad scientist’s creation
Godless abomination
Parasitic Frankenstein
Now, this tapeworm’s time to shine

Standing taller than a man
Serpent’s head and seven hands
Tapey begins his campaign
Painting Earth in red bloodstains


Then he saw me, we locked eyes
I said, “How? I killed you twice!”
Then he shrieked out haunted words
By all mankind, he was heard

“All your lives, you cannot save
This planet is now your grave
Evil finds ways to survive,
I won’t take this world alive.

Growing with each victory
Bringing people to their knees
Parasitic Dinosaur
Levels cities with a roar


Living out a tapeworm’s dream
Tapey fin’ly reigns supreme
Death far as the eye can see
He wiped out humanity

Tapey the Tapeworm
Tapey II: Tapey’s Revenge


2 thoughts on “Tapey III: Apocalyptic Parasite

    • Now I’m just waiting for the right people to read the Tapey Trilogy, who will buy the rights to it for millions and make a graphic novel and six B-horror flicks out of it.

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