Tweeting a dead horse: The birth of a superhero.

Twitter, hands-down, is my preferred social medium. Why? Because when people aren’t bitching about their Favstar stats, sodomizing the English language or trying to get Justin Bieber to follow them, Twitter is a goldmine for brilliance. It’s peppered with more underfollowed, underappreciated, too-hilarious-for-their-own-good people.

Also, if you’re following the right people, Twitter can bring to your smartphone or computer some of the most entertaining interactions in under 140 characters you’ll ever have on the Internet.

While I may be a shamelessly self-promoting attention whore for a few site hits or retweets, its the aforementioned interactions that keep me coming back to the Fail Whale.

One such interaction was with @NickDeWolfe. Nick is a funny person and if you aren’t following him, I hate you. I’ve had some pretty hilarious back-and-forths on Twitter, but this is the first time I’ve been able to capture the whole thing.

And now, the birth of The Sodomizor.





Sidestory: This next section is in reference to a conversation he and I were having before this one, where I apparently was having a seizure while I was typing and misspelled about 37 different things. I left it in because, well, I don’t need to explain myself to you!




I ended up Googling it. I won’t tell you who was right because I want you to have to go through the pain of typing it in yourself.

Note to self: Turn SafeSearch ON next time.







Just waiting on DC or Marvel to get off their asses and make this thing happen.

For more hilarity, follow Mr. Dick Dragon himself. Or, if being thoroughly disappointed is your thing, you can just follow me.


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