Tapey II: Tapey’s Revenge

Tapey died two weeks ago
Had to kill my tapeworm bro
Couldn’t fit inside his host
Now I’m haunted by his ghost

Saw a snakey silhouette
Filled me with a deep regret
Reached to him, he disappeared
I still felt his presence near

Then one night I took a shit
Felt weird in my stomach pit
Tapey’s work, it wasn’t through
Zombieworm crawled from my poo

Seeing Tapey, I was thrilled
My best friend I thought I’d killed
Something’s wrong about his rise
Emptiness behind his eyes

Tapey then began to scream
Blood on him began to gleam
He said, as his anger grew,
“I’ve come back to murder you.”

Zombie Tapey lunged at me
Red was all that he could see
Ninja undead parasite
Put up one hell of a fight

In the end I reigned supreme
Happened almost like a dream
I felt bad, it wasn’t nice
Having to kill Tapey twice.


3 thoughts on “Tapey II: Tapey’s Revenge

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