Hemorrhoids on steroids.

On steroids
A hemorrhoid

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The entrepreneurial spirit makes my pants tight.

We’re all here for a reason.

Some of us write books or play music. Some choose to tell jokes or review movies.

For whatever reason we have blogs, the motive is the same:

Shameless self-promotion.

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Is it Manly? Fruity Beers

Some of you are new here.

Some of you have been with me (incomprehensibly) since the beginning of this blog.

Those in the latter group might remember a series I started called Is it Manly? This series of posts went down with the ship, as when I transferred from Blogger to WordPress, I opted to not import all my old posts here.

Is it Manly? is an oldie, but a goodie, and would definitely fall into a best-of category if I was asked to make one. As such, I will be reposting these gems here so that my new WordPress readers can see what they missed, and the rest of you can re-live them and hate me all over again.

Here we go.

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Sniff sniff sniff.

I love Florida.

It’s a truly magical place filled with the nation’s geriatrics, more New Englanders than there are in the actual New England area, serial killers, jacked-up mosquitoes, and schizophrenic summertime weather.

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Tapey II: Tapey’s Revenge

Tapey died two weeks ago
Had to kill my tapeworm bro
Couldn’t fit inside his host
Now I’m haunted by his ghost

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